The city of Bragança offers a great variety of accommodation at quite accessible prices, around 100€ + around 35€ for utilities (per person) per month
- University residences inside and out of the campus;
- Accommodation in private apartments;
- Bedrooms (only for 8€ per night with breakfast if you present your ESN Card)- It's a great option if you want to visit Bragança.

*We can help you finding an accommodation in a private apartment, you just need to send an e-mail with what you claim for, also you can check this reality state agency's website
*If you find a house by own you don´t let they trick you, if you have any doubt or feel that someone it’s trying to trick you you can talk with us and we help you.
Remember, whenever you will pay the monthly rent asks for the receipt, not a declaration but a receipt with legal legitimacy.
*Leave our apartment so good and clean as you found it at the first time, check if the utilities and rent are paid.
Please contact us through an e-mail if you have any doubt.

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